What does the future of the metaverse look like? The co-founders of Coinhako, ARC and Co-Museum discuss

Meta Versed
July 13, 2022
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What does the metaverse mean, and what does it actually look like to these tech entrepreneurs who are shaping new ways to live, work and play? How can we not only invest but benefit from the rise of the digital economy? Is interoperability important? Will digital assets like NFTs or a Ferrari in Fortnite appreciate in value in the future?

These were just some of the questions answered in this conversation, featuring Yusho Liu, Coinhako’s CEO and co-founder; Elroy Cheo, entrepreneur and co-founder of ARC; and Kaushik Swaminathan, senior associate at Hako Ventures, Coinhako and co-founder and CEO of Co-Museum, moderated by Tatler Singapore’s deputy editor, Dana Koh.

Tatler House Singapore
30 June, 2022
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