Cook Along with May Chow and ArChan Chan

Off Menu
April 4, 2022
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Tatler Dining's Off Menu at Home brings never-before-seen dishes to your door.

We've teamed-up with Hong Kong's leading tastemakers to curate a four-course dining experience that's delivered to your home.

Each week, we will announce a new chef collaboration. With a limited number of meals available for pre-order, you'll have to act quick to avoid disappointment. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the chefs' charity of choice.

This week’s collaboration brings the focus right back to the rich and heady cuisine of the city we call our home by delivering a six-course Cantonese extravaganza perfect for sharing family-style.

May Chow of Little Bao & Happy Paradise x ArChan Chan of Ho Lee Fook

Dim sum 點心

Fried taro dumpling with duck confit, preserved duck, water chestnut


Prawn chips and dip 蝦片蘸醬

Sakura shrimp, dried prawn roe, fish roe dip


Starter 前菜

Clams with asparagus, okra, kou shui dressing, ginger scallion oil

涼拌鮮Tua tua 大蛤 ,蘆筍、秋葵、伴翡翠薑蔥口水醋汁

Noodles 拌麵

Spanish red prawn with Shaoxing wine chicken fat emulsion, local 'Double Happiness' thick-cut egg noodles, prawn head oil

西班牙紅蝦,雞油花雕撈粗, 蝦頭油,蝦子

Large sharing plate 分享拼盤

Slow-cooked smoked local pork belly, little baos, lettuce, herbs, pickles, bak choy Koshihikari rice

煙燻紅燒五花腩, 涼菜 ,Little Bao 饅頭仔,越光米豬油菜飯

Dessert 甜品

Rosemary, peach, Hong Kong iced lemon tea


Add HK$488 for a bottle of Kiuva, Rouge de Vallee, Valle d'Aosta, Italy 2020

可選配由參與餐廳侍酒師挑選的一瓶 Kiuva, Rouge de Vallee, Valle d'Aosta, Italy 2020 (HK$488)

What's in the box?

1. Ingredients to create six limited edition dishes

2. Simple step by step instructions to cook, reheat and plate your meal

3. A pre-recorded demo video to walk you through meal creation

Meal Kit for 2 Persons
Optional Wine Pairing
Hong Kong
Delivers 8 Apr - 10 Apr
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