Join the Master of Flames on his private island of La Isla, surrounded by the breathtaking wilderness of Argentina, for an immersive sensory feast


Between 2-8 December 2023, experience 7 days of open-fire Argentine cooking in the company of the master-chef himself with up to 8 guests

Whether on a frozen lake, a forest or a shore surrounded by the magical landscapes of Patagonia, chef Mallmann creates unique outdoor dining experiences for his guests. Experience daily open-fire cooking lessons, over custom made fire pits for 5 days with Francis personally. It is here in Patagonia where Francis Mallmann connected with his roots and mastered the traditional Gaucho outdoors open-fire cooking, surrounded by the great outdoors and the majestic Andes Mountains.

The Chef: Francis Mallmann

Francis Mallmann is an Argentinian celebrity chef, author and restaurateur who specialises in various Patagonian methods of barbecuing food with open-fires. Mallmann has unequivocally placed South America’s cuisine on the global culinary map - having been featured on numerous international television programmes, as well as on the Netflix original series Chef’s Table, where he showcases his cooking techniques and philosophy.

With his career built upon fine-dining French cuisine, Mallmann's current approach to cooking and living pays homage to a forgotten time and place: he has forsaken haute-cuisine and places an emphasis on a more primal style of hospitality that comes down to smoke, fire, air, stone, salt, rain, meat, wine.

Francis spends most of his time in Patagonia, whilst simultaneously running 10 restaurants around the world between South America, France and the USA.


The Private Island: Experience the beauty of La Isla

Francis will welcome you to his lodge La Soplada, on the island nestled up against a magical backdrop of rugged mountains. La Soplada (translating to ‘blown away’) was built as a set for his TV series on open-fire cooking in the outdoors. La Soplada moved locations several times around Patagonia during the show and ultimately made it to la Isla where guests now spend their time here during this unforgettable trip.

The Cooking: Taste the pinnacle of fire-cooking delights

“The truth of cooking is not to try to achieve glitzy things; it’s about representing your heart and your soul in everything you do,”The connection and intuition Mallmann has developed with nature has translated into the strict seasonality in his cooking, and his respect for the region’s bounty.

Admire the charm of La Isla

You will have the opportunity to explore Mallmann's private island, La Isla, situated in a remote corner of Patagonia. When you're not enjoying the flavours from the ultimate fire-cooking experience, trek through the trees and take in the breathtaking views.



  • For a party up to 8 people
  • 2-8 December 2023 (7 days, 6 nights)
  • Road Transfers to/from Comodoro Rivadavia to Lago La Plata
  • Transfer Boat at Lago La Plata
  • 6-Night Accommodation on La Isla
  • Full-Board Menu by Chef Francis Mallmann (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • 5 Open-Fire Cooking Experiences
  • All activities provided on the island